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Athletics in Milan: clubs, courses and prices 2021 - 2022

Corsi atletica milano


Milan is one of the most important places in the history of Italian athletics and, in part, also of the international one. From the first Italian championship held at the Arena Civica in 1906 to the thousands of amateur runners present daily in parks and on the streets, the Milanese city has lived more than a century at the forefront of Olympic sport par excellence.



Milan currently hosts seven outdoor athletics fields (outdoors) with six or eight lane tracks, countless runner-friendly parks, equipped gyms and various competitive and amateur events. It has, on the other hand, lacked an indoor stadium since, in 1985, a heavy snowfall brought down the roof of the facility in the San Siro area.


In this article we will provide a brief overview of the world of Milanese athletics, discovering clubs and fields throughout the area, as well as providing you with the prices and dates of the courses for children and adults organized by the various teams.



Athletics club in Milan

Campi di atletica Milano

Arena Civica di Milano Centro Sportivo Mario Giuriati (Milano)



The Milan area offers many competitive and amateur athletic realities, all affiliated with FIDAL (Italian Federation of Athletics), starting from the youth categories up to the Masters activity.


Here is a list of athletics clubs mostly dedicated to competitive sports.

  • SGM Forza e Coraggio, CUS Pro Patria Milano, ASD Sprint Academy, Atletica Riccardi Milano, AICS Atletica Milano, Centro Schuster, Bracco Atletica, ASPES CUS Milano, US Milanese, Atleticrals2-Teatro alla Scala, ABC Progetto Azzurri, Atletica Meneghina, Milano Atletica e, con sede fuori Milano, Nuova Atletica Astro e Nuova Atletica 87.

Here is a list of teams mainly dedicated to amateur and Masters activities.

  • Road Runners Club Milano, Atletica Lambro Milano, Montagnetta S Skyrunner, Atletica Stramilano, GS Montestella, Happy Runner Club, Turbolento Milano, QT8-Run, Verde Pisello Group Milano, Koass Milano SSARL , A Running.

There are also courses of FIDAL Milan for chilren and teenagers at the Arena Civica and the Saini filed..



Timetable and prices of athletics courses in Milan

Let's go now to discover the timetables and prices of the courses of the various athletics companies in Milan.


Atletica milano


Aspes CUS Milano

Activities at the Giuriati and Saini camps. Open days: from September. In the links below you will find all the info based on the course you have chosen.


Milano Atletica

Activities at the XXV Aprile camp. The price for the bi-weekly course is 250 euros, while for the three-weekly course it is 280 euros.

  • Babyatletica: 4 - 5 years
  • Start: 6 - 10 years
  • Competitive: 11 -14 years
  • Absolute team
  • Running Adults
  • Total Body

Click here for more information on Milano Atletica courses.



FIDAL Milano

Activities at the Arena Civica in Milan. The courses are open for boys and girls aged 5 to 10. The annual participation fee for the one-week attendance is 230 euros, while that for the bi-weekly attendance is 280 euros.


Click here for more information on FIDAL Milano courses.



ASD Sprint Academy

A team recently founded by Giacomo and Salvino Tortu, respectively brother and father of the Olympic champion Filippo Tortu, divides its activity into three different courses.


Centro Schuster

The courses will be held from September to June marking the school calendar.

  • One-week course from 7 to 13 years: 190 euros
  • Bi-weekly course from 7 to 13 years: 240 euros
  • One-week course from 14 years upwards: 200 euros
  • Bi-weekly course from 14 years upwards: 260 euros

Click here for more information on Centro Schuster courses.



Nuova Atletica 87 & Unione Sportiva Milanese

Historical company operating at Campo Carraro (via dei Missaglia), currently carries out its courses at the Curiel Middle School in Rozzano (from 9 to 12 years old) and at the Casorate Primo sports center (from high school).

  • Kids / Teens: 150 euro
  • Competitive activity: 100 euro
  • Running: 20 euro

Click here for more information on Nuova Atletica 87 courses.



Bracco Atletica

Activities at Campo XXV Aprile for the categories Children (12/13 years), Cadets (14/15 years) and Students (16/17 years). The annual registration fee is 320 euros.


Click here for more information on Bracco Atletica courses.




Atletica Meneghina

Activities at the Civic Arena, the Giuriati field and the Saini field in Milan. Below we have reported the list of courses.

  • 2 Can Do (2/3 years)
  • Preparatory (4/5 years)
  • Beginners (elementary school)
  • Teens (12/13 years)
  • Cadets (14/15 years)
  • Learner (16/17 years)
  • Juniores e Promesse (18/22 years)
  • Under 30 Senior e Master
  • AtleticMam & Dad
  • Agonistic activity

Here is the link of Atletica Meneghina website.



Atletica Riccardi Milano 1946

Activities at the Civic Arena, the XXV Aprile field, the Giuriati field and the Saini field in Milan.

  • Course under 12. One-week 295 euro, two-week 370 euro, three-week 435 euro.
  • Over 12 course. Single week 320 euro, biweekly 395 euro, three-week 460 euro.
  • Courses under 30. Once a week 350 euros, three times a week 495 euros.

Click here for more info on the rates of  Atletica Riccardi courses.




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