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Delta Sales is a consulting company born in 2013 to give support to those companies that wish to have more financial, retail and product planning skills but which do not have a dedicated structure within them.

Business plan, location evaluation, product planning and Business Intelligence: these are the areas of competence of Delta Sales, a modern advisor who has identified in his main mission the will to favor the development of his partners' business and minimize investments by optimizing all the results.

Delta Sales mainly targets small and medium retail and e-commerce businesses related to the Fashion & Luxury, Jewelery, Travel Retail, Food, Tourism and Sharing Economy sectors.



Delta Sales makes knowledge the main development tool

Delta Sales allows companies to optimize their time, providing KPI skills, Dashboard Design and an always up-to-date document archive.
It offers all its skills to favor partners in the analysis, selection and interpretation of data deriving from technologies to support the business allowing them to react quickly to market changes.



Delta Sales, grow your business from the first steps

Delta Sales pays a lot of attention to the world of Start-Up, collaborates with their founders helping them in the business idea, supports brand development and supports independent Retail or Direct Franchising and Retailer structures. It is the best solution for the evaluation of business investments, for the design of the growth steps of each commercial reality and shares its knowledge through its own publications on Issuu.



PMI business consulting and development

Business plan, location assessment, product planning and business intelligence: all to develop the business of its partners.


Areas of expertise

Fashion & Luxury, Jewelry, Travel Retail, Food, Tourism and other realities linked to the world of Sharing Economy.


Consulting for Start-Up

Brand development and strategy.

Where we are

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